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    In order to improve [Ningbo Yinzhou Fuhui Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.] team cohesion, enhance employee execution, mobilize everyone's en
    thusiasm, and enhance employees' teamwork awareness, the company decidedA field outreach training is held for all staff in the office. I ho
    pe that through this activity, everyone will enjoy the fun of life and work while enhancing the personalProfessionalism and team cohesion.

    On the day of the month of 2010, all personnel will be assured of a safe destination in the end--Kowloon Lake Development Training Base.

    Some people say: Passion is an angel that can make people progress, but it can also make people successful; others also say: Passion is a d
    evil, which can make people feel impetuous, and can also make people face failure. It is undeniable that passion always has two contradict
    ory sides in the world that flows with others. However, some people overlook it. Young people are not afraid of failure, young people will w
    ork hard, young people will need passion, and more will need us to put passion into life and work. go with.
    Fully value the team's strength. In the real society and work, we should emphasize individuality and publicity while more emphasis should
    be placed on unity and cooperation. No matter whether it is within the enterprise or between departments, it is only to be sincere and unit
    ed. All the body and mind without any concerns to their own team, will create a miracle and effect of 1 +1> 2, the value of our lives will only
    leap to a higher level.