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  • The Equation for Life - The Importance of Attitude and Thinking Mode

    Life • Work Achievements =  Thinking mode x Passion x Ability
    This simple equation can be interpreted as: the achievement of life and work is the product of "thinking mode", "passion" and "ability". It's a product, instead of a
    sum. Therefore, change of multiplier will cause multiplied increase of the result.
    In this equation, the most important element is thinking mode, which is defined as people's life attitude, or philosophy, mind, idea, belief, ambition or psychology.
    That is, "character" is determined by thinking mode.
    Then what is the positive thinking mode? To describe by a few adjectives, it will be active, constructive, coordinative, open, affirmative toward things, kind, compa
    ssionate, serious, upright, diligent, selfless, able to suppress desires, content and gratitude. On the contrary, negative thinking mode is passive, negative, no coord
    inative, gloom, malicious, ill nature, falsely accusing, unserious, lying, arrogant, lazy, selfish, greedy, complaining, loathing and jealous.
    Surely, positive or negative thinking mode, good or bad attitude, will lead to totally different results of life and work. This is what Saig�� Takamori said "a person
    who talks systems and rules with ease and confidence will find hard to implement them if they themselves are not outstanding". No matter in which field or era, th
    ere are numerous people who have both outstanding abilities and passion. However, not many of them have a kind heart or honest thinking mode. For example, w
    hen I was talking with some SME operators, someone told me frankly that they wanted to be rich and live a wealthy life. I suggested that since they wanted to rich,
    they should stick to this desire firmly, and exert all their efforts to realize it. This is the "passion" in the equation.
    The more important thing is "action". Passion, ability and efforts will come out with "wealth". However, a person who is not kind to others or is not modest will me
    et difficulties. A process that keeps tempering one's will may help bring greater successes.
    According to Saig�� Takamori, the thought as deep as philosopher's, the character as noble as Ako roshi's, the craftiness as bureaucrat's, and the robustness as f
    armer's make the big shot of the enterprise circle. This coincides with the "Life Equation" in this text. For life, the most important factors are thinking mode and atti
    tude, which finally leads to the upgrade of character.